Have You Met GOD ?
2/12/2020 2:53:53 PM

Don’t worry, it’s not a spiritual post. It’s my normal genuine post or experience I am sharing with you all.

Long back, I was waiting for a train, on a very crowded station of Mumbai, that’s Dadar, the train arrived with a huge crowd and even after trying very hard I couldn’t get into it and I left the train.  I waited for another train but the same thing happened; the train arrived was already very crowded as it was an office time and I could not get into it. This repeated for almost 4-5 trains but failed at every attempt, and I was still fighting hard to just get into it, I was totally frustrated, tired, fed up, exhausted and almost about to cry. As soon as there was an announcement of the next train, with teary eyes I prayed GOD, ‘please, give me more strength to at least get into the next train, I want it at any cost. I request you..please please please’. h

When the train was visible from far end of the platform, I was just hoping that somebody should literally push me into the train. I held my purse tightly and was ready again to be a part of that routine race of getting into the packed train. But to my surprise, the train that arrived was totally empty and I easily got into it, I was so shocked to see that train with very few ladies. I felt that the train was sent by GOD just for me. Of Course, that’s not something supernatural, it was train starting from Dadar itself, but at that moment I could not do anything but just thanked him for whatever he had done ‘just’ for meIn such a scenario, you feel that whatever you experienced was a miracle. I felt the same.

Since childhood, we have been told that GOD exists everywhere. Isn’t it ? Being a child ,I used to ask my parents, "is GOD really present in this room?", they used to say ‘yes’. Then  I used to go to the kitchen , "is he present in the kitchen?" they said "yes". Then I used to go to the bedroom or even in the bathroom, "is he present here also?" they said "yes, he is everywhere". I did not believe. "Why is he not visible to me then? I want to see him right now", I used to cry. 

My father then explained in a teaching tone, "can you see air? No. But it exists, right? Just like that GOD is here but not visible to anybody.’" This was the way I was nurtured and started believing that wherever I go, GOD will always be there to protect me.   

    Father had a lot of impact on me. I had no other option but to believe that my parents are not my actual parents but just the trusty of GOD who is my real mother or father. Ever since my birth, my father used to tell me that I am a gift to them from GOD. As a child, I used to love that I was the favorite child of GOD and he particularly selected me to send to my lovely parents.  It sounds funny at this moment, but it was the reality for me when I was a child. 

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that it’s all in our mind, to believe or not. If we get connected to something psychologically, we start believing it blindly. If someone is afraid of ghosts, he or she would never stay alone, they feel a ghost's presence in empty corridors, on empty stairs or in dark as their mind suggests the ghosts are present there only, even though others don’t even believe in ghosts. The same applies for our belief in GOD. 

Defining “GOD” is the case of limitless narratives around multiple definitions. “What kind of GOD you are talking about?” this could be another question as if you can pick and choose from the menu. Now we all are different and have different vision and perception, so maybe there would be an argument on this topic by those who does not believe in GOD. But again I would say, ‘I can’t prove it if there is a God, can you prove there is no GOD?'

One day, I was travelling on a crowded bus of Pune. One guy was staring at me badly. It was a frightening moment for me in those days. (Now I have the guts to stare back at him with anger but not then). Meanwhile the person sitting next to me got up from the seat to get down for his stop and the guy who was looking at me was about to sit at that place, I was so horrified (don’t know why because  actually the bus was crowded, he could not have done anything to me). I was looking outside the window, but from the side view of my eye, I could feel whatever was happening there. I was not able to concentrate on my journey even after sitting at the window side.

Now the moment that guy made an effort to come and sit next to me, suddenly a voice came from backside ,”wait I am sitting” I looked back ; one old lady with silver hairs,  walking stick in hand, support-belt in neck , holding the bus rod came near my seat and handed over her purse to me and slowly sat next to me. Oh GOD!!… trust me. She was none other than GOD in a woman avatar for me then. I just closed my eyes and thanked him. I just ignored that guy thereafter.

It seems a very small thing now, but I felt someone is there to listen to my voice. I have many such experiences where I realised that GOD exists. And believe me, whoever GOD you believe in, is there surrounding you, as he is in your mind only. Even though they are just the coincidences, but they gives you a positive enegry.

In my experience, I feel that I had met him so many times. I have experienced miracles happening in my life because of his presence. I can’t express that in words. I know that's all in my mind, but I believe it’s GOD. 

He takes any and many forms, he is the power which strengthen us from within. Sometimes I feel that I am an engineering student, and believe in science, so I doubt whether Lord Ganesha, Shiva, Devi, Sai, Dattatreaya and other GODs really exist ? but even if the answer is ‘no’ we can’t deny the presence of the supreme power who has created all the universe. I am not talking about the  religious GOD which everyone of us follow or believe in, but I am talking about something beyond all these.

Just a simple example, within the human body, we find massive amounts of information. When we look at the tiny part of our body that's human eye, we see a system so incredibly complicated that it could never come about by chance. When scientists look into the human body, they see a complex yet harmonious system of machinery. Then who is responsible for all this magic? 

That creator himself comes to meet us anytime anywhere, whenever and wherever we remember him or need him in form of our GOD. We can not prove him though.But remember ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.’ Right? 

Tell me, have you ever seen or met GOD in your life by any chance? 

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